Noventia at Your service

Noventia at Your service

Noventia is at Your service on all questions related to eSourcing. We are happy to help via phone, email or online meetings in any eSourcing projects or questions related to using eSourcing tools.  Noventia Help Desk is also available during EET office hours. You may find our Contact details here.

Supplier registration

We have launched a new feature to the eSourcing Solution. Supplier registration will reduce buyers’ work in updating the supplier information and bring the suppliers candidates a chance to list themselves as potential suppliers.

  1. The buying organization can share the address of the registration page for example on their webpage.
  2. The supplier can enter the requested information including which categories they are able to supply.
  3. The buyer can accept the supplier to the potential supplier listing, from which the RFQ or supplier questionnaire participants are selected.

Contact us for more information!

How to find the best logistic service provider?

As a part of Noventia’s eSourcing services we are now proud to offer also Logentia – optimal transport partner selection tool. The services work seamlessly together. Finding out the best LSP partners has never been so easy.
  1. Create an eRFx (electronic tender) on Freight and collect the LSP price lists to one centralized place
  2. Use the comparison analysis service
  3. Finalize the negotiations in an eAuction when potential
  4. Find out the optimal transport partners and gain savings in time and money
Sounds easy, right? Contact us for more information on tendering the freight services!

eSourcing for organizations of all sizes

For a long time the eSourcing tools were targeted only for the largest enterprises. The reasons for this were relatively high prices, difficult user interfaces and long and expensive implementation projects including user trainings etc.

Today there are agile and easy to use tools available for sourcing organizations of all sizes.

Large sourcing teams benefit from agile tools, since using the tools is so easy. The features are flexible and for example the tendering processes can be built up exactly according to the users’ needs. For large teams, it is possible to create joint workspaces, where best practices can be shared within the own sourcing team. The corporate structure can be built to the solution and the main users can manage the user rights. Running and managing eSourcing projects is easy and saves time in routine tasks. Therefore more time can be allocated to for example developing sourcing activities, broadening the collaboration with the chosen suppliers and other important sourcing related tasks.

For smaller sourcing teams, it is great that the implementation does not bring additional costs, you can start by just watching a tutorial and the pricing is on a reasonable level. All the work done is saved to one centralized place, where the information can be found also later. Sometimes sourcing projects are run in addition to other duties and in these cases it is extremely important, that for example templates can be used when creating a new request for quotation. This ensures that all the relevant issues are taken into account.

Noventia provides easy to use and efficient eSourcing tools. Contact us and we will tell you more about the benefits of eSourcing!