Developed by Sourcing Professionals

Noventia was born out of an everyday need. The founders were looking for an agile and easy-to-use tool for the needs of a large corporation. This led to a development project, which resulted in the birth of Noventia.

Customer Engagement

The founders recognized a clear demand for effective sourcing tools in the market in various industries.

Over the years, the customer base has expanded to include international corporations, smaller sourcing teams and public sector.

The solution has expanded from eAuctions and tendering to include comprehensive supplier management, and sourcing contract management. New tools and features have been developed in cooperation with the customers operating in different industries.

The mission has always been to make sourcing easy. This means that the solution has to be easy to use, efficient and bring measurable benefits.

Part of Citrus

Citrus is an IT company. We have highly skilled software developers, experts and our own SaaS products. We shake up traditional working methods, and make our customer's everyday life easier. Better, smarter, easier.

Citrus Group consists of Citrus Solutions Oy, Lawder Oy and Noventia Oy.

Citrus Solutions is a builder of digital services. The result of our work is easy-to-use and intelligent services.

Lawder is a site for companies to discover legal and administrative services. Your very own lawyer is only a click of a button away.

Noventia's tools are designed for the needs of sourcing professionals. We make sourcing easy.

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Our customers

Noventia is used by international corporations, smaller sourcing teams and public sector.
Our customers are sensitive about their privacy. Please contact us for information on references.