Supplier Database

With Noventia, all supplier data can be found in one centralized place. Data can be collected from the suppliers, added by the sourcing team or imported from outside sources.

Supplier Questionnaires

With supplier questionnaires it is easy to collect and report supplier related data.

The tool is used to collect quality, environmental and compliance information among other things.

Supplier Evaluations

Supplier evaluation can be used to collect information on supplier performance. Evaluations are flexible and the content can vary for example, from a typical scorecard evaluation to a broader supplier audit. The tool also enables category-specific comparisons.


With the eRFX, running and managing tenders is easy. Using pre-existing templates saves time and effort. The process is clear and transparent. Suppliers' responses are automatically available in reports.

The eRFx is flexible and suitable for all kinds of sourcing projects.


eAuction is an efficient way to run price negotiations.

Using auction is fair for all participants. It enables taking into account all the things affecting the decision-making.

Contract Management

With Noventia's contract management, information on sourcing contracts is available in the the same place with other supplier information.

Contract management gives a clear overview on the key contract information, sends reminders and enables staying up-to-date on the status of the contracts.

In addition! Citrus ContractRobot is integrated into Noventia's contract management, which enables the automatic drafting of a contract and negotiation between the parties.


Whether you have one or hundreds of sourcing professionals working in your company, the tools help you do your work more efficiently and more easily.

The tools are suitable for sourcing teams, regardless of the industry. Our customers are global multinational companies and smaller local sourcing teams in various fields.

With the help of the tools, any kinds of tendering projects can be done, for example products, raw materials and services can be tendered.

 The tools are flexible and suitable for various needs, from long item lists to complex sourcing projects and from simple data collection to innovative service procurement.


It is possible to start using the tools quickly. We open a new customer's account and usage can begin right away.

If needed, we will organize a short introduction to the use of the tools. In larger implementations, we prepare an onboarding plan with the customer's team to ensure a comprehensive and systematic implementation.


No problem – Noventia is the sourcing team's own toolkit, and its use does not cause duplicate work with the ERP system.

It is possible to integrate Noventia to other systems easily, but starting to use Noventia as a stand alone tool is effortless.

No previous experience in eSourcing is required. Those who work in sourcing know their own tasks - with Noventia, they can handle them more efficiently.

The customer can choose the service package they want. It is possible to start with just one tool and one user.

The price of the service is based on the selected tools and number of users.

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