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Noventia tools make sourcing efficient

Supplier Database

All up-to-date supplier data in one place. Accessible to relevant stakeholders across the organisation.

Tenders and Price Negotiations

eRFx (electronic tender) is a modern way to run tenders. eAuctions make price negotiations more efficient.

Supplier Management

Supplier questionnaire enables finding out suppliers' compliance. Supplier evaluation helps in monitoring suppliers' performance.

Contract Management

Sourcing contracts are created and managed in the same place. Contract metadata can be clearly reported in Noventia.


Get started straight away

It is easy to start. Tools are accessible immediately.

Makes sourcing easy

Using the tools reduces manual steps and routine tasks.

All the data up-to-date

Information on suppliers, sourcing and contracts available to the entire sourcing team.

Noventia helpdesk

Our highly praised helpdesk is here to serve and help.

Developed by Sourcing Professionals

Noventia was born out of an everyday need. The founders were looking for an agile and easy-to-use tool for the needs of a large corporation. This led to a development project, which resulted in the birth of Noventia.

Today, Noventia serves large multi-national corporations, smaller sourcing teams and public sector sourcing organizations.

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eAuction – what’s it all about?

For sourcing professionals, a tendering process is business-as-usual: first define the scope, then find out the potential candidates. The best way to identify the most potential candidates is to run a RFQ or RFP. After the first round the best candidates are often given an opportunity to improve their offer.

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