Solutions for Sourcing and Supplier Management

Noventia is a web-based service for Sourcing and Supply Management professionals

Noventia tools offer an efficient way of working with sourcing, supplier management and sourcing contracts. The user-friendly tools are suitable for companies of all sizes and in all business areas.


As the solution is used online (Software as a Service) the tools are available anywhere with a connection to the Internet.  All the data gathered by the sourcing team is automatically available in the company’s own virtual workspace and can be utilized by the authorized sourcing team members.


Efficiency in Sourcing and Supplier Management


Find Supplier Data in one place

With the solution, all important Supplier data can be found and reported in one place. The information can be gathered directly from the Suppliers, updated by the Sourcing team or integrated from another source.


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Efficient Supplier Management

The solution provides an overall view on the status of the Supplier base. Suppliers’ compliance and partnership development can be easily measured and followed based on the company’s needs and criteria. The performance of a Supplier can be monitored with the flexible and efficient internal Supplier evaluations.


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Control over contracts

The Sourcing Contract Data can be stored and managed with Noventia. The tool provides a clear overview of the overall situation of the contracts. The tool gives reminders of the upcoming deadlines, enables flexible reporting and helps in finding possible deviations even within a large contract base.


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Structured tenders and price negotiations

The solution offers a seamless process from the first RFI to the tendering rounds and final price negotiations.  The tools are highly flexible and can be used in all kinds of sourcing categories from services to materials and from equipment to spare parts – the Sourcing team is the expert on the content and the tool helps in managing the process.

Finding the best possible Supplier can now be done so much more efficiently.


Ready for your use

Get started easily

Starting is very easy – we will open a new user account to the solution for the customer and the first sourcing or supplier management events can be started right away.


The tools are very easy to use. Previous experience with eSourcing or other solutions is not needed. Noventia solution will help you to excel with your tasks from day one.


If however you would like to start with Noventia’s  service experts, we are happy to help you in finding the best practices for your use. In case of any technical questions on using the solution, our Helpdesk will be at your service.