eSourcing made easy

By using Noventia’s eSourcing tools you will gain savings in time and money. It is easy to do the sourcing activities – manage the suppliers, run efficient eRFx’s and eAuctions, archive and manage the contracts – with Noventia’s effective and flexible tools. The implementation is quick and easy. The solution is easy to use, versatile in features and affordably priced. The tools are suitable for both private and public sector organizations of all sizes.



We provide easy to use, affordably priced and agile eRFx (electronic request for quotation, prices, information…) tool for small and medium-sized sourcing organizations. No heavy implementation or training is needed. In case there are additional needs, the enterprise services are easily available.




We provide a wide range of eSourcing tools for advanced users. With Noventia’s solution you can manage the supplier base and supplier related information, run efficient eRFx’s and eAuctions and manage contracts.


Public sector


The public sector eSourcing solution is agile, efficient and very easy to use. It is suitable for all kinds tenders and includes also the efficient eAuction tool for public sector. Also supplier management and contract management are available.



Start today!

1 Easy to start

Contact our sales team and we will set up your account and send you the login information. You can start creating your first projects right away. The user account can be personalized according to your corporate image.

2 Choose the service portfolio

There are tools available for running eRFx’s and eAuctions, collecting and managing sourcing and supplier related data and managing contracts. Let us know your needs and we’ll provide you with first class tools!

3 Efficient tools save time and money

With Noventia’s eSourcing tools you will get remarkable savings in money. Additionally you will save time, once all the information is in one centralized place and can be accessed by all the authorized sourcing team members. Running the projects electronically will save also the suppliers’ time, since all the relevant and up to date information can be found easily.


Benefits of eSourcing



Supplier Management

All the data added or collected with the tools can be found within the user organization’s supplier management as a part of each suppliers’ data. You can easily manage your supplier portfolio.

Joint workspace

All the supplier and sourcing project related information is available for authorized sourcing team members. Managing the projects in a joint workspace is easy!

Savings in time

You can copy old projects or create your own templates. You can manage the projects easily, download automatic comparisons and communicate with all the suppliers via one centralized channel.

Savings in money

Running efficient eSourcing projects will bring a lot of savings in money. You can efficiently find out the market price level from the participating suppliers.

Systematic way

You can manage several projects at a time and you can always check the situation with each project easily. You will get reminders from the contract management and starting the next tendering project is easy.

Sharing the best practices

It is possible to use templates, which ensures that up to date terms and conditions will automatically be a part of the tendering project.

Anytime - Anywhere!

All the tools are available via the Internet. No installations or updated on buyers’ or suppliers’ computers are needed. As long as you have access to the Internet, logging in can take place anytime anywhere.