Monitoring the responsibility of supply chains in the 2020s

In recent years, many sourcing teams have taken significant steps forward in ensuring the responsibility of their supply chain. However, there is often a large number of suppliers to monitor.

To address the issue, many organisations have created guidelines, Code of Conduct documents and other compliance requirements that can be shared with suppliers.

How to manage sharing this information with the suppliers, collecting their answers and maintaintaing a transparent picture of the supplier base performance?

Noventia is a tool for sourcing teams. It can be used to easily share any relevant information to a large number of recipients. As all the tools are provided online, the sourcing team can share, for example, the Code of Conduct to a larger group of suppliers for them to read and approve. By using Noventia the sourcing team has access to real-time monitoring of suppliers that have already met the requirements and those that still lack the required information.

Live monitoring makes it easy to get a clear picture of supplier compliance, as the team is able to check the suppliers' status anytime, anywhere. 

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