Save time with efficient tendering

“Typically the most time-consuming part is going manually through the suppliers’ proposals and trying to find the accurate data for comparisons.”

It is quite easy to see which part of a tendering process is the the bottleneck. Usually it is not the preparation phase – a company is typically well capable of producing the required material and specs – nor is it the suppliers – almost always they do meet the quotation deadlines. Typically the most time consuming part is going manually through the suppliers’ proposals and trying to find the accurate data for comparisons.

But the job needs to be done, no matter if there is just one or ten different suppliers, or if you are sourcing for just one raw material or even thousands of items.

  • What if the supplier has changed the order of the items listed in the tender?
  • Have any of the items been removed or the given volumes updated?
  • How about the calculation formulas – are we absolutely sure they have not been changed?

It's an enormous amount of manual work to check all these aspects point-by-point, and only after this inevitable part it is possible to start the actual comparison work.

The eSourcing tool makes sure, that both the pricing as well as the other proposal data is gathered precisely in the format the buyer is requesting.

When a buyer is using Noventia eSourcing tool in the tendering process, the manual steps described above are taken care of by the solution. Very often this is commented positively by suppliers, as it is easy also for them to see what kind of information the buyer requires from them.

After the suppliers’ tendering deadline the eSourcing tool creates automatic comparisons of the received proposals for the buyer. All the gathered information is immediately side by side for the buyer to start the comparison work. There are advanced price analysis tools ready to be used, so there is no need to build calculation formulas and comparison templates manually. Also comparing the received quotations with the current prices is available.

Noventia eSourcing tool helps the buyer to focus on what is essential in their own tendering cases. Regardless of the amount of items or the number of participating suppliers, the solution saves both time and and effort in the every-day-work.


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