Video instructions save time

Video instructions improve the onboarding process and effectively support the continuous use of Noventia tools. Noventia offers short video instructions to improve onboarding and usability. Users can find the videos within the tool.
The few-minute videos are handy for general support or clarifications regarding a specific system feature.
Instructional videos reduce the time spent searching for answers. They help users create the projects independently with confidence.

Video-based virtual training saves time and helps each user whenever needed.

One of the greatest advantages of using videos is the ability to find instructions easily and quickly when the user needs them.
Vacations and absences should not stand in the way of running the projects. The videos provide easy and quick support for the new users and help for example temporary users to familiarize themselves with the necessary functions. This way the new users can seamlessly take the responsibility of managing the sourcing events.

Videos increase efficiency and improve user experience

The videos guide new users to start with the basic features while more experienced users can revisit what they have already learned and deepen their knowledge. In the videos, the versatile system functions are divided into clear entities to make them easy to adopt. With a comprehensive video library, the instructions are always available and quick to repeat.

Support at different stages guarantees a smooth user experience and decreases also the work of the organization's superuser. If some features remain unclear regardless of the videos, Noventia's Helpdesk is happy to help!

Noventia's team is here for you

In addition to the extensive video guidelines, users may occasionally need personal help with their more complex sourcing tasks. In this case, the hands-on support of the Noventia team is valuable.
Noventia’s team offers personal guidance and solutions for various situations outside the video library.

With the personal guidance and new videos embedded in the tool, users have an unbeatable combination of support. It makes the onboarding and use of Noventia's sourcing, supplier management and contract management tools easy, fast and agile!

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