Full marks for customer service!

At the end of 2022, we surveyed our customers' opinions about Noventia's tools and services. A similar customer satisfaction survey was carried out for the second year in a row.

Top marks for customer service

The customer satisfaction survey examined the level of cooperation, professionalism and the usability of Noventia's tools.

We have been able to further improve the great results of the previous year - Noventia has achieved an excellent or good rating in all question categories.

We want to thank all the respondents for giving valuable feedback.

100 %

satisfaction with customer service and Help Desk's expertise

92 %

satisfaction with the tools' versatility and suitability to the need

As a SaaS service provider, customer satisfaction is really important to us. The number of customers and the number of experts in Noventia's service team has grown - it has been a pleasure to notice that the same good spirit and drive has remained year after year."

- Sanni Laine-Luoto

More detailed results

In the operating method, cooperation and business atmosphere category, the result has increased by 2.4% compared to the previous year.

The responses highlighted an appreciation for the business atmosphere and the smoothness of communication.

The grade for the professional skills, competence and business understanding increased by 2.6%.

The service attitude, proactivity and promptness of the customer representatives were praised a lot.

The respondents felt that Noventia understands the customers’ needs.

The rating in the category 'offer, services and price' remained unchanged compared to the previous year's survey.

Respondents estimate that the benefits of using Noventia will grow even more in the future.

Feedback at the heart of future development

Customer survey helps us in the further development of our services. According to the survey, 77% of the respondents found using the tools easy and 69% of the respondents felt that the instructions for using the tools are good.

We have already started concrete development activities in these areas so that we can improve the result even more. We are currently making new written instructions and instructional videos. We will add instructions to the tool to make it easier to use.

We will continue development in customer communication as well. In the responses, it was hoped that we would tell more about Noventia's new features and best practices. These can be followed from the Solutions update -letters that we send to main users in connection with larger releases, as well as from the Tip of the month -letters, which introduce good practices for using the tools.

In the open comments, we also received some concrete ideas related to the features of the tools, which we have discussed already further with Noventia's technical development team.”

Dialogue with our customers is important to us so that we can meet the customer needs in the future as well.

The results of the customer survey confirm that we are on the right track in bringing our customers business benefits, efficiency in supplier management and measurable savings. We will continue to work to maintain excellent customer satisfaction in the future as well.

Many thanks to everyone who answered the survey, it’s good to continue the cooperation from here!

Picture of Sanni Laine-Luoto
Sanni Laine-Luoto

CEO, Noventia Oy
+358 45 114 4883


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