Onboard a new colleague more easily with the help of our team

Is a new colleague about to join your workplace? Don't hesitate to contact us - we are happy to help you with the onboarding process.

Having a new teammate join your unit is great, but it can create extra work temporarily. Since on-boarding a new colleague successfully will help with the workload in the future, it is definitely time well spent.

In addition to other working methods, a large part of the introduction concerns the use of many different systems.

Even if the new workmate is skilled in IT, companies always have their own operating methods for the use of systems, and it is necessary to instruct them when a new colleague joins the workforce.

When showing the systems and their guidelines to the new co-worker, you might notice that an extra rehearsal would not be a bad idea for you either. There may have been an update to the system, its appearance has changed, or some new buttons have appeared on a familiar page.

Your team could develop a completely new kind of know-how in using the system. A new employee is eager to learn new things and perhaps has a new view from "outside the box". If this leads to questions that cannot be answered within the organization, you should definitely contact system support.

At Noventia, we are always happy to tell you about both new and old features!

To ensure flexible use, Noventia offers users support for using the system right from the start. We are happy to organize user training in any situation.

We want to know how supplier management and procurement are done in your company and how that process could be made easier.

By developing tools in cooperation with our customers, we can offer a service that facilitates everyday work activities and makes the whole process run smoothly.

I started working at Noventia in the early spring of this year. I got to join a great team to make a great system for procurement professionals. I am responsible for some of our customers and I actively support the main users. I was introduced to the system well and received a lot of instructions and tips for using Noventia.

However, the best way to learn has been the projects where I have been able to use Noventia's tools in a real situation.

It has been amazing to learn how procurement professionals do their work. It is also exciting to notice how the system can be used for different purposes!

Picture of Iina Nortunen
Iina Nortunen

Key Account Manager, Noventia Oy


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