So much to do, so little time

A lot happens all around the world nowadays. Some changes are smaller, some larger but they all might have an effect on the companies’ supply chains. The number of suppliers is often large and the supply chain can be long and complex.

When something exceptional happens, how to ensure the supply chain will continue to deliver normally also tomorrow?

The most urgent confirmation from the key-suppliers is still received probably over the phone. A phone call is a quick way to check the situation and to ensure the continuity with one or just a few suppliers. However it’s not very convenient to contact all the suppliers by calling.

It is also possible to email the questions but even that will not ensure that the answers are gathered in an organized way and in the desired format. The buyer can try to update an Excel file on who has answered but sharing the up-to-date information within the organization takes time and is not very agile.

Did everyone get the message? Who had already answered? Someone was missing most of the answers but which company was that again?

By using Noventia’s eSourcing solution for supplier management, you create your company’s own supplier database. In the database you can find your supplier companies organized by your own sourcing categories and other important classifications. A supplier profile contains the company’s important basic information and the contact details to the relevant contact persons.

With the Supplier Questionnaire tool it is possible to gather any type of data from the supplier companies regarding themselves and their operations.

Supplier questionnaires are commonly used to gather basic information about the companies, ensuring certificates and finding out the supplier’s stability and continuity plans. With the tool it is also possible to find out the assets of any new potential supplier candidates. The Supplier Questionnaire is very easy to build up to meet the needs in each case.

With the Supplier Questionnaire tool it is possible to gather information from 1, 10 or 50 suppliers without extra work. The suppliers submit their answers to you using the cloud-based tool. At all times you can easily see who has already answered and who might need another reminder.

As the tool is used over the Internet, all the members of your sourcing team can have access to the data available. Everyone can login to the tool and see the situation with the suppliers.

The tool supports comprehensive supply chain management. You can still call your key-suppliers but at the same time you are able to manage also their data more easily and with better control.

Using the tool does not require a long implementation project. It is vert easy and fast to get started. Contact Noventia Support – we are happy to tell more!