Internal supplier evaluations enable developing supplier performance 

Supplier evaluation tool is easy to use. It is possible to gather opinions from internal stakeholders and follow how suppliers’ performance is evolving over time. The tool is suitable for reporting for example supplier scorecards or audit reports. Creating the questionnaire is quick and easy. Just create the questions (or use templates), set the timetable and invite the evaluators. The evaluation criteria can be set based on the important themes within your own organization.

Using supplier evaluations enhances gathering and managing the supplier related data and increases transparency. It is possible to compare suppliers based on the criteria set or follow how the supplier collaboration is evolving over time. There are clear reports available and information can also be shared to the supplier for developing the performance.

All the evaluations gathered are archived in the supplier management and can be accessed by the authorized sourcing team members.

We are happy to organize a short webdemo or a meeting on supplier evaluations.