Modern way of collecting and analyzing quotations

eRFx (electronic Request for Quotation, Prices, Information…) is an efficient way to collect quotations from the potential suppliers. You build a questionnaire, the suppliers answer via the Internet and you can get a clear report on the answers for further analysis. You can manage the whole sourcing project in one centralized place.

With the eRFx you can run projects on products, raw materials and even on complex services. You will save a lot of time, since all the quotations are in an easily comparable form.

Running several rounds of price negotiations is handy. All the information is saved to the solution and can be used also later on.

It is also possible to compare the quotations with an advanced analyzing tool. There are many features available, such as filtering out empty rows, spend analysis, dynamic abc-analysis and dispersion analysis.

For the suppliers participating the eRFx’s is pleasant, since the eRFx’s are well formulated and all the sourcing project related data can be found in one place.