Efficient price negotiations

The buyer creates the eAuction and invites the suppliers to participate. The suppliers place their bids and after the auction the buyer knows the best market prices available.

eAuction tool is easy to use and versatile in features. There are many eAuction types available for different market situations. Reverse auctions, where the prices move downwards, are normally used for buying. There are also forward auction types available, where the price move upwards.

We are happy to help you with the first eAuction projects. Our skilled personnel has experience on thousands of successful eAuction projects both on the private and the public sector.

 Requirements for a successful eAuction

Specifications – The better the specifications, the better the results

Volume – The volume needs to be big enough to create competition

Competition – We recommend that more than one participant is invited

Auction types

There are several auction types available. The auction type is normally chosen based on the market situation, dispersion between the preliminary quotes and the number of participants.

The most common auction types for buying are reverse English, Dutch and Japanese auction and Points auction suitable for public sector. The sales auction types available are forward English and Dutch.