Noventia eSourcing and Supplier Management tools are suitable for companies of all sizes

Noventia eSourcing tools are suitable for companies of all sizes from large multinational corporations to SME’s. The number of users within our customers varies from one to more than thousand users. For each company the benefits of centralized data management, effective working methods and sharing best practices within the organization, are clear and undeniable.

Below you may find a customer excperience on using the efficient eRFx tool.


Using Noventia eSourcing – Mid-sized company’s perspective


“We have used Noventia eRFx for about three years now. We use it for project sourcing, indirect sourcing and production material sourcing. It is easy to send the RFQ’s including all the relevant data via the solution to all the potential suppliers. According to my opinion, the best feature is, that I am able to see in real time, which of the suppliers have seen the RFQ and which of the suppliers have submitted answers. This way I can contact those suppliers, who have not yet reacted on our RFQ at all. “

“Using Noventia eRFx has made running the tendering process more structured, since all the information related to the RFQ can be found in one centralized place. All the data is available also for my colleagues to use, even if I am on a holiday, my fill-in can see the situation in the RFQ and the suppliers’ answers. One of the benefits is, that also the old RFQ’s are stored in the archive making following the price development very easy.”

“Comparing the quotes with the tool is also effortless compared to going through miscellaneous emails. We have saved a lot of time and improved the meaningfullness of our work by using Noventia eSourcing. All our suppliers have been positive regarding Noventia eSourcing and the ease of use of the tool has been praised by suppliers.”