Everyone who has ever participated in any tendering process – as a sourcing team member or as a proposing supplier – knows that there’s often a lot of material to be shared between the parties. There are product descriptions and definitions, lists of requirements, drawings, graphs and terminology appendices. All in all, a lot of data is on the move!

It’s easy to lose grip on the shared material if it’s being shared through emails. Attachments are often in a mixed order and the file names might not have any logic. And what if the sourcing team has to make changes in the specifications – or if the supplier realizes that the first quotation appendix should be replaced?

With the Noventia eRFx tool, it is easy to have control over all the material. Any shared appendices can be completed and updated at all times. The suppliers have an easy-to-follow list of the shared files and can always take comfort in having the most recent material at hand. In response, the suppliers can upload their quotation appendices easily for the sourcing team to review.

Sounds easy, right? We are happy to tell you more!