How eSourcing enhances remote work

Noventia eSourcing solution is an efficient platform for managing the strategic sourcing tasks. The solution allows working remotely and creates possibilities for great team work. 

Any work tasks run with the eSourcing solution can be performed anytime, anywhere. As long as there is an Internet connection available, the job can be taken care of also remotely. The solution is a joint workspace for the sourcing team allowing all the members to access their current work.


  • The RFP/RFQ/RFI material is prepared within the solution and all the team members are able to participate the process from their own workstations. Once the RFx is finalized, the suppliers are invited to login and an submit their proposals. As all the suppliers’ answers are gathered online, also the automatic summaries and comparisons will be available in the solution for the buyer users.


  • The suppliers are able to place their best bids in an online price negotiation. Before the live negotiation is launched, the buyer has defined the exact scope and terms for the event. If the situation in the market changes, the suppliers are able to react. The buyer is able to monitor the bidding in real time and can confirm the results after the negotiation has ended.

eContract management

  • The agreement finalized with the chosen supplier can be saved in the supplier’s company profile. The sourcing team has visibility to the supplier’s contract status and background. Automated reminders help in staying up to date with the current contract situation. Clear reporting gives a transparent picture of the full contract archive.

eSupplier questionnaire

  • Any important data can be gathered easily and effectively from the supplier companies. Insurance status, ethical, social and environmental topics and for example information on the company’s business continuity plans are gathered, evaluated and saved in the company profile. All the data is available to the sourcing team for supply chain management purposes.

eSupplier evaluation

  • A supplier company can be evaluated according to a pre-determined supplier evaluation score card. Each stakeholders’ opinion on the supplier’s service level, quality and for example delivery capability, can easily be gathered with the tool. All the evaluation data is in the requested format, always available and can be reported easily.


Noventia eSourcing solution is a platform for all of these strategic sourcing activities. The solution gives tools for managing the supplier relationship even when the traditional ways of working are not effective or possible. As the data is available in the sourcing team’s joint online workspace, the work can be completed anywhere.

The solution allows flexible team work. Whenever needed, the tool allows to help colleagues during their possible absence with their sourcing projects and supplier management activities. With the help of efficient eSourcing tools, the strategic sourcing work can be continued, even during this exceptional period of time.