“With the eRFx tool we get all the quotations in one format. The process is transparent and the suppliers answer according to the schedule. The progress of the RFQ project can be monitored at all times and if needed the suppliers can be guided already during the process, which saves time.

Possible changes and updates can be made directly to the tool and the information will reach all the participants simultaneously.

The automatic comparison saves my time the most, since it can be downloaded by one click. I use the tools successfully both for the direct and indirect sourcing projects. The tools are versatile in features, they enable traditional tenders and also eAuctions.”


Heidi Väre, Sourcing Manager

Lappset Group Oy Ltd


“We have rapidly deployed eSourcing. We started by collecting information and certificates from our subcontracting chain. Nowadays we use also eRFx for tenders, where we sometimes have more than 20 000 fields for suppliers’ answers.

Running this kind of tenders without electronic RFQ would be impossible. We have also been able to bring new component options to the design departments awareness this way. “


Petri Ounila, Head of Production

Aidon Oy


We think sourcing tools should be so easy to use that everyone who works in procurement can focus their time entirely on managing their RFx’s. That’s why Noventia exists – so that the everyday tasks of sourcing could be accomplished with ease.

➕  Structured tenders with a calmer email inbox

➕  Up-to-date information on all approved Suppliers

➕  The use of gradable supplier questionnaires that are in a ready-to-compare format with a simple click of a button

➕  Direct results from sourcing