Citrus and Noventia together:

”More shoulder width to meet the increased demand and to take forward the product development”


Citrus Solutions Oy and Noventia Oy are accelerating their good growth by joining forces at the end of November 2020. Together we are able to offer a diverse range of digital solutions that streamline the processes of every organization.

Citrus and Noventia have signed an agreement in November in which Citrus has acquired the entire share capital of Noventia. Noventia’s solution for eSourcing, Supplier Management and Contract Management are an excellent complement to Citrus’ Legal Tech service portfolio as well as its strong software development and product expertise.

– Citrus Legal Tech services provide concrete tools that help companies to effectively manage their day-to-day legal and administrative functions. Noventia’s expertise provides our customers new opportunities in supplier management and sourcing, says Citrus’ CEO Saara Perho.

Both companies report that high targets in growth have accelerated the decision to merge. For several years Noventia has grown at an annual rate of 20-30% and the Citrus Legal Tech with the annual rate of 20%.

– As a wider range of services is combined with technological development, the outlook is very positive. We aim towards strong growth in the future by expanding the sales of Legal Tech services, says Perho.


Efficiency drives companies

Interest in digital legal tools is constantly growing. Organizations are looking for solutions that make it easier to perform complex and repetitive tasks and are suitable for remote working. Also in the area of sourcing the demand for smart and cost-effective tools has increased rapidly.

– Noventia’s solution for Sourcing and Supplier management offers a platform for modern sourcing organizations to manage all supplier related information. The tools help in running the sourcing tasks and create efficiency in the every-day routines. The products of Noventia and Citrus have many synergies. Together we are able to offer more versatile contract management solutions to our customers and much more. By combining our strengths we are gaining more shoulder width to meet the increased demand and are able to take the product development forward strongly, says Managing Director of Noventia, Sanni Laine-Luoto.


Together we serve better

From now on Noventia will continue as a subsidiary of Citrus and the current contact persons will continue working with the customers.

There are many benefits to our customers:

  • New solutions for eSourcing, Supplier Management and Contract Management for sourcing and procurement professionals.
  • Legal Tech tools for legal experts, e.g.  digital management of contracts, processes and data protection.
  • New opportunities for partners to cooperate.
  • Customized products for different needs.
  • Additional muscles to create new and develop old.
  • Stronger expertise.


More information:

Saara Perho

CEO, Citrus Solutions

+358 40 068 6905


Sanni Laine-Luoto

Managing Director, Noventia

+358 1023 90053